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Welcome to Oblivus Cloud!

Welcome to the future's cloud! At Oblivus, we believe that High-Performance Computing should be accessible to everyone at affordable prices. That's why our main goal is to deliver our highly scalable infrastructure to individuals, companies, and organizations while maintaining reasonable pricing.


Unleash the full power of machine learning and AI with Oblivus's tailor-made Ubuntu-based AI operating system. Train your models faster than ever before and start making breakthroughs today with our optimized operating system.
OblivusAI is a customized operating system designed specifically for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. It includes a variety of popular tools and libraries that are commonly used in these fields. OblivusAI is designed to provide an efficient and optimized environment for developing, training, and deploying machine learning and AI models, making it an ideal platform for researchers, developers, and data scientists.

Data Centers

Oblivus Cloud is a cloud computing service that is accessible from three regions throughout the United States, each located in close proximity to major metropolitan centers. The data centers themselves are designed to offer low-latency access to accelerated computing services to a significant number of users, all of whom can take advantage of the service's robust capabilities. With redundant, 200Gbps+ public Internet connectivity from top-tier global carriers, along with 400Gbps+ of dark fiber transport connecting the centers to one another, Oblivus Cloud enables seamless and cost-free data transfers for businesses of all sizes.

Location 1: NYC1

📍New York City, NY

NYC1 is a data center located at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel, serving the Eastern US and providing ultra-low latency to the NYC metropolitan area. This data center is compliant with ISO 27001, Type 2 SOC 1, Type 2 SOC 2, and HIPAA standards, and is equipped with NVIDIA GPU accelerated Cloud Instances.

Location 2: CHI1

📍Chicago, Illinois

CHI1 is a data center located outside of downtown Chicago and serves the Central US region. It is compliant with ISO 27001, Type 2 SOC 1, Type 2 SOC 2, and HIPAA regulations and is designed to handle the most challenging workloads.

Location 3: LAS1

📍Las Vegas, Nevada

LAS1 is a data center situated in Las Vegas, which serves the Western US region. It runs on 100% renewable energy and complies with ISO 27001, Type 2 SOC 1, Type 2 SOC 2, HITRUST CSF Certification, and HIPAA regulations. LAS1 provides NVIDIA GPU accelerated computing to the US West region with low latency connectivity.

Security and Compliance

ISO 27001, Type 2 SOC 1, Type 2 SOC 2, HITRUST CSF Certification, and HIPAA regulations are all important standards and certifications that help ensure the security and privacy of sensitive information, particularly in the context of data centers.
Certification or Attestation Name
ISO 27001
Type 2 SOC 1
Type 2 SOC 2
HITRUST CSF Certification

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get set up with our product quickly and easily.