Initialization Commands

After filling out the necessary fields for instance deployment, you have the option to provide a list of commands to add additional features during the deployment process. To access this field, configure your instance first and then click the 'Click to view advanced options' button in the final step.

It's important to note that this field is optional, allowing you to proceed without filling it in if you choose to do so. Moreover, you'll need to input commands compatible with your virtual server's operating system.

When entering commands in this field, each command should be on a new line. You can separate commands by pressing the 'Enter' key. If a command is long and wraps to the next line automatically, the system will still recognize it as part of the same command. However, if you don't press 'Enter' manually, it will be registered as a single command.

For Linux-based operating systems, the commands should be executable using bash. Similarly, for Windows-based operating systems, the commands should be executable using PowerShell.

This functionality can also be utilized when performing the 'OS Reinstall' action for virtual machines, allowing you to include a list of commands during the installation process.

Furthermore, this feature can be utilized through the API for more streamlined automation. For more detailed information on how to use this feature via the API, please refer to this link.

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