Instance Pricing

Our goal is to provide you with convenience not only in our system and payment plans but also in our pricing. You can access all cost-related information for the configuration you want to use from various sources and track it during both the planning and management stages according to your needs.

If your project plans are long-term and you are able to anticipate your needs throughout the process, we also provide customized plans tailored to your specific requirements.

GPU Instances

GPU pricing can be found on our website, console, or through our API.

Reserved Instances

If you have a specific workload and your system requirements are not expected to change, you can provision the required system for the long term and receive up to a 50% discount.

Our payment methods and displayed information are completely transparent, and there are no additional fees requested for any transactions. If you wish to compare our pricing with other providers, you can refer to the comparison table on our website.

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